Class of 2013 Class of 2013

Blaine Lampman

Blaine Lampman

BLAINE LAMPMAN WAS a longtime resident of the Woodbridge community and employed by the US Post Office. He was active as a player and team manager for many years in the Woodbridge Men’s League before taking over the league’s leadership, serving as the League President. Blaine was also a certified umpire and worked games for the Woodbridge Umpire Association for a number of years.

He represented the Woodbridge Men’s League on the Prince William County Adult Softball Council serving as Vice President and moving to President when Lester Leonard retired from local softball. Blaine was instrumental in organizing and inducting the first group of County residents in the PWC Softball Hall of Fame in 2000.

Blaine served as the NSA Northern Virginia Director and conducted adult tournaments in the County for a number of years. He also assisted the ISSA with the ISSA World Championships and the ISF Senior World Cup. Blaine’s dedication to the sport of softball in Prince William County and his tireless efforts on the part of all the players is evidenced today by the continued popularity of the sport in the County.

Dave Jenkins

Dave Jenkins

DAVID JENKINS HAS played in PWC softball leagues for over 30 years and still continues to play. Dave was born at Warrenton, VA in 1953 and attended Brentsville District High School. He currently resides in Front Royal, VA but continues to play softball in Prince William County for the Softball Fools (Coed) and the Outlaws (Seniors). During his long softball career in the County he played for several men’s teams including the Virginia Cavaliers, Manassas Heat, Jiffy Lube, Hudson Softball, GRC Roofing, B&W Excavating, Softball Junkies, Hudson Flooring and Lowe’s. He also played Coed for Chelsea Jo’s, All Star Sports, Probuild and Softball Fools.

When he turned 50 he began participating in the senior division and played on Coach Billy Outlaw’s teams (the team continues today as the Outlaws since Billy’s death). Dave was named to two All World teams in the ISSA World Championships and over the years was named MVP a numerous tournaments.

Dave is a very familiar face at the County softball fields and well know for his team spirit, team dedication, dependability and friendly disposition. Among his friends at the ball park he is affectionately known as “Bat Man.”

David "Sam" Pearson

Sam Pearson

SAM PEARSON WAS born at Alexandria, VA in 1945 and grew up in Prince William County. He graduated from Pensacola Christian College and was employed by the Prince William County Service Authority until his retirement. Sam played softball his entire adult life and each year could be found on the softball fields in the County and/or the Fredericksburg area. Sam also served several Churches in the area as their Minister. He was truly a “great individual” and a Hall of Famer on and off the field. He was one of the most admired and respected players in the sport and his ageless athletic ability was remarkable. The accomplishments of his senior teams spoke loud about his ability to solidify his team’s chemistry to win championships. Playing with Thomas Engineering (Manassas) and later with Superior Senior Softball (Richmond) he was on over 60 National Champion teams. His ability to play any position at a high skill level made him a “manager’s player.” And along the way he was named to countless All World or All American teams. Sam will long be remembered as one of the truly outstanding players in his age division over many years. Sadly, Sam passed away in December 2012.

He was a standout player in the Prince William Senior League from 1995 until 2005 when he retired and moved to Birchwood, TN. His Thomas Engineering senior team won the league championship ten consecutive years with him on the team.

Sam has been inducted in the Prince William County Softball Hall of Fame, the Central Virginia ASA Hall of Fame and the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.

Doug Daniel

Doug Daniel

DOUG DANIEL WAS born in Richmond, VA in 1953 and graduated from George Wythe High School and went on to the University of Maryland. He started his softball career in 1968 in Richmond playing in the Church leagues and advanced to men’s open teams participating in league and tournament play. Upon graduation from the University of Maryland in 1974 he continue to play softball on the metro’s top flight teams. He quickly made a name for himself with his skills as an outstanding defensive shortstop.

In 1976 Doug became a resident of Prince William County and played for the top rated teams in Northern Virginia, Joe Theisman’s and Capital X-ray. In 1985 Doug joined the All Star Sports team in the Woodbridge Men’s League where he played for ten years. His manager, Willie Ortiz was quoted as saying in reference to Doug, “never has one player dominated an entire league by his presence on the field.” All Star Sports won the County Championship in both 1985 and 1986 and Doug was named the MVP in 1985.

In 1995 he was transferred to Charlotte, NC where he continued to play in their top flight league and he traveled back to Northern Virginia to play in selected tournaments. In 1998 his job relocated to South Florida and Doug starred at shortstop for the Over 40 Brus Room Champions. Doug now resides in South Florida with his wife Diana.

Greg Alan Thomas

Greg Thomas

GREG THOMAS BEGAN playing softball for the Nokesville United Church team in the Manassas Church League in 1982 at the young age of fifteen. And in 1986 he began playing for the Thomas Engineering team in the Western Prince William Men’s League. Over the years he played for other league and tournament teams in Prince William County to include, Collies, Brown’s Insurance, Rayco and Wise Guys. He played on league teams that won several League Championships. He played with the Thomas Engineering tournament team that traveled and participated in numerous National Championships.

In 2007 he was named ASA Deputy District Commissioner for Northern Virginia, a position that he holds today. He organizes the ASA tournament events in PWC and represents the teams and players at the PWC Adult Softball Council as well as Regional and National ASA Meetings. He has served as an Assistant Tournament Director at several ASA National Tournaments at the Class C, D & E levels. He has also served as the ASA Representative at two ASA Youth Fast Pitch Nationals.

In 1995 he assisted with the creation of the first ISSA World Championships and has continued over the years to play a major role in the development of the ISSA national tournament program where today the association is holding 18 championship events throughout the United States. As Deputy Executive Director of ISSA he routinely meets with Sports Commissions and CVBs from cities all over the United States who wish to have him bring a senior event to their area. As an Event Holder he has achieved a National reputation in the sports tourism industry as a Sports Event Professional.

Greg’s career in the sport of softball ranges from player to administrator over the past 32 years. His “softball work” has been the equivalent to a full-time job over the recent years as he coordinates and develops almost 30 events locally and Nationally for the softball players.

Mark Woods

Mark Woods

MARK WOODS IS a life-long Washington Metropolitan resident. He was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Apelphi, MD and then the Fort Hunt area of Fairfax County. He graduated from Fort Hunt High School in Fairfax County in 1976. Mark began his Coaching career while in high school coaching his sister, Theresa’s, youth slow-pitch softball team. While working for First American Bank when in college, Mark began his softball career in earnest playing for the bank in the Fairfax Slow-Pitch Industrial League. He moved to Lake Ridge and became a resident of Prince William County in 1984. At that time, he co-founded and coached Lake Ridge Cable in the Lake Ridge Softball League. As a result of his involvement in the Lake Ridge League, Mark also joined the Prince William Softball Council and was Treasurer for a few years. Shortly after joining the Lake Ridge League, Mark became Commissioner of the League and together with Steve Fewell ran the League for several years. The Lake Ridge Cable team quickly became one of the better teams in the League regularly winning their division championship and finishing with the best record in the League several times. Lake Ridge Cable ended their sponsorship of the team and the team was then sponsored by Piedmont Federal for a couple of years. In 1993, the team became known as The Silver Bullets and continues to play under that name to this day. After winning the Lake Ridge League Championship (and after the Lake Ridge Association stopped sponsorship of the league) the Silver Bullets moved to the Manassas League and won the Manassas League Championship in 2007. Since the 2008 season, the Bullets have been playing in the Woodbridge Men’s League winning several spring and fall championships. The team has been invited to play in the County Championships 15 times since their formation 30 years ago. Mark has also umpired in the County for the last 23 years and continues to this day.