Class of 2006 Class of 2006

Basil W. Hickerson

Basil Hickerson

BORN IN 1930, Basil Hickerson grew up in the mountains near Front Royal, VA and with three brothers became an accomplished baseball player. As a young adult he played baseball in Fairfax County and in the Army at Fort Sam Houston, Texas where he got to play with Don Newcombe who went on to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

By 1974 he and his family were living in Prince William County and like many softball players at that time, he set out to help his SDA Church build a ball field to have a team. He then sponsored, coached and played with the SDA team for many years winning several championships.

In 1981 he and his four sons entered a competitive team in the Western Prince William Men's League. The team was called Southern Arms, named after a gunsmithing company that son Alan owned. The team became a powerhouse in Division I as Basil was able to recruit many of the Region's outstanding tournament players to come play at Fairmont Park. Basil retired from playing at age 58.

Billy Outlaw (Deceased)

Billy Outlaw

BILLY OUTLAW WAS born in Winchester, Virginia on September 3, 1938. As a youngster his family moved to Manassas where Billy graduated from the Manassas Regional High School and was employed locally by the Journal Messenger Newspaper in the press room. He later became the mailroom supervisor before his retirement.

Billy was a regular participant on the softball fields in and around Manassas for forty (40) years. His organizing skills ended up with him being the team manager for most of the forty years. His teams were always very competitive and for years he was able to provide many young athletes an opportunity to participate.

He was active in the mid nineties with the organization of the Prince William Senior Softball League and fielded a senior team in the league through the 2012 season. One of his notable championships came in 2005 when his Slopers Stitch House team captured the Division I League Championship. Billy was an organizer for the Elks Softball League in the area as well.

Billy Outlaw passed away on December 25, 2012.

Cazimiro "Gus" Farria

Gus Farria

GUS FARRIA WAS BORN IN Pawtuckett, Rhode Island in 1927 and went on to serve in the United States Marine Corps for twenty years. Gus and his wife had seven children and were long-tine residents of Woodbridge. While still serving in the Marine Corps, Gus started his Prince William softball career with First Baptist Church in 1963. His softball play was interrupted in 1966 when he served a tour in the Republic of Vietnam. In 1968 he returned to play with the First Baptist Church team where he continued to play in the Christian Fellowship League until he and his wife retired to Myrtle Beach in 2004.

During his time with First Baptist Gus was a stalwart player at second base. He had great range and a soft touch with the glove that made almost everything hit to him a sure out. He had an uncanny ability to hit behind the runner and, not only advancing but also getting a base hit in the process. And he was a master of the hook slide.

In the mid 1980s Gus became a member of a new church called Potomac Crest and was instrumental in getting a new softball team started there. While the fledgling new team struggled for a few years but in 1989 the team won their division championship. The team won league championships, tournament championships and County championships in 1994 and 2001.

In 2000, Gus and his son Mike joined the FSBF Team (Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Friends) in the Woodbridge Men’s League that had been organized by Jackie Bell along with his two sons. He told the team he was a JIC player (just in case they needed someone). He was much more than that.

Through all his years of playing and coaching, Gus was an inspiration to all that he came in contact with both on and off the field. In his later years he seemed most at home when he was setting on the bench offering advise to young players about their hitting or fielding or what to do in certain situations.

Hall of Famer Jackie Bell had this to say about Gus, “when I met Gus in the early eighties he had been a stalwart player in the league for several years. He was an excellent hitter and defensive player with a keen intellect for the game. I competed against him for many years and always admired his style of play. He was an outstanding competitor and always controlled that competitive nature in such a manner that he never sacrificed sportsmanship.”

Gus Farria retired from the game in 2004 after spending 35 years on the diamonds in Prince William County.

Gus Farria was also inducted in the Central Falls High School Hall of Fame.

Harold V. "Hal" Weed

Hal Weed

HAL WEED WAS born in Chicago, IL in 1944 and graduated from Duluth East High School in 1962. He received a BS degree in Mathmatics at the United States Air Force Academy in 1966 and a MS degree in Mathmatics from North Carolina State University the following year. He moved to Prince William County and began playing Church League softball for Good Shepard United Methodist Church in 1972 and could be found on the Prince William County softball fields most years since.

In 1974 he organized a second team at Good Shepard and with mostly new ball players he managed and coached the team to a 17-3 record and the Christian Fellowship League division and overall championships. He followed up with seven more division championships in the Church Leagues.

In 1994 he joined the Gents team in the PWC Senior League. In 1998 he agreed to manage the Gents and has molded the team into a competitive force in the senior league and often entered the team in senior tournament competition. Year in and year out he became one of the most respected managers in the game in Prince William County. His teammates and competitors agree that Hal is a class act and always fair to his players. He always has a light hearted demeanor and a big smile for everyone around him.

James Hudson

James Hudson

MR. HUDSON WAS born March 30, 1940 at Front Royal, VA. He started playing fastpitch softball and baseball in 1963 for teams in Fredericksburg and Fauquier County and started playing slowpitch softball in the Western Prince William Men's League in 1981. Over the following years James and his wife became regular attendees at the nightly league games and weekend tournaments at Fairmont Park and later Valley View Park. James had numerous sponsors for the teams he organized and managed; Fletcher's Excavating, South Royal Rest Home, Hudson's Flooring, Manassas Moose Lodge and GRC Roofing. His teams usually featured numerous members of his extended family. His granddaughter Jennifer Steele recalled, "Grandpa loved the friendly atmosphere the ball parks provided. Everyone knew him by name and always greeted him with a warm smile. It is because of my early childhood experiences on the PWC softball fields I played the sport and received a college education. It is because of softball that I am able to share my knowledge of the game to other players through my collegiate coaching position. And it is because I grew up at the fields watching my Grandfather coach, manage and support his players, that I chose to take this path in life."

During the years 1993 to 1997 his teams won the PWC Early Bird Tournament four times. He retired his league team in 2003 but not before capturing four league championships. Over that 23 year time span he won numerous tournament championships and always fielded a very competitive team. Today one of his fondest memories is the time his team defeated Sloper's Sport Center in a Class C Qualifier. Many family members continue to play and manage teams in western Prince William County and James is their biggest supporter, scout and sometimes coach.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

MIKE CURTIS WAS the Greater Manassas sports Club's pick for "Softball Player of the Year" in 1982. Mike had began playing softball in western PWC in the late seventies and quickly established himself as one of the area's top softball athletes.

Mike was born in Warrenton, VA in 1952 and graduated from Culpeper County High School then Virginia Tech. He came to Prince William County to work for the Prince William Electric Cooperative (now NOVEC). He immediately began playing for the company team. Mike went on to help organize the Journeymen team where he also played and coached. The Journeymen were a very successful ASA Class C team for several years. Later during his career he played for teams like Shakey's Pizza, Third Base Restaurant, Summit Roofing, Capital X-Ray, All-Star Sports and Chelsea Jo's Restaurant. Mike's team almost always qualified for Nationals at the Class C or B levels. Mike remembers, "my league participation included many classic battles between Shakey's Pizza and Printers Ink, Summit roofing, Capital X-Ray, Third Base Restaurant, Thomas Engineering and Sloper's Sports Center that kept the interest in men's softball at a high level in Manassas for many years, with considerable coverage by the Journal Messenger newspaper." Mike played the game with intensity and sportsmanship.

Mike also gave considerable time to the game he loved. He served as secretary for the Western Prince William Sports Association for over ten years and was a major force in helping to raise the money to build Fairmont Park. He was also a league representative to the PWC Adult Softball Council and served as its Secretary for several years.

Mike retired from softball in 1993. He continues to be a softball supporter and serve as Vice President of the Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative. "I enjoyed the moments of competition, but the greater enjoyment has been in the friendships that have lingered long after the last out was recorded. It was my privilege to work with giants of the Manassas softball community like Lester Leonard and RB Thomas and it is truly an honor to be nominated for induction in the Prince William County Softball Hall of Fame."