Class of 2001 Class of 2001

Al MockaitisAlger J. "Al" Mockaitis

AL MOCKAITIS WAS born in Lithuania on January 1, 1942 and came to the United States as a young refugee after World War II. He grew up working on a farm in Michigan and graduated from St. James High School where he was an outstanding athlete. After attending St. Joseph College in Indiana he came to Prince William County to work with a residential developer. He began playing locally on a softball team called the Rats in 1974 and continued to participate at the highest levels in Prince William County over the years since. Over the years Al played for the Rats, Brown's Insurance, Creative Builders, Shockers, Shadows and then Thomas Engineering in the Senior League. At the same time he also played on teams in the County's church leagues each year. Al was always an excellent hitter and early on played outfield on most of his teams. With age he migrated to the infield and developed into one of the area's best pitchers.

Al sponsored and managed his Creative Builders team from 1980 to 1989 which was one of the top competitive league teams in Prince William County and competed in tournament play throughout the region. Over the year's Al has collected several All Tournament honors including MVP at the 1997 ASA 55+ Division NIT at the PWC Stadium Complex. Playing with Thomas Engineering in the senior division he was on several National Championship teams.

2007 placeholderBill Brown (Deceased)

BILL BROWN WAS born on June 6, 1929 and as a youngster developed a love for the ball game. He could be found on the local diamonds from 1937 thru 1999. Bill founded the Brown's Insurance Agency in 1976 at Manassas and went on to sponsor and manage his Brown's Insurance teams in the Western Prince William Men's League for many years where he annually fielded one of the area's highest rated league and tournament teams. Bill was a pitcher for his teams and will be long remembered for his delivery style on the mound. He continued to play and coach for the Nokesville United Methodist Church in the Church League through the 1999 season.

Bill Brown passed away on January 4, 2001.

Bill CameronBill Cameron

BILL CAMERON WAS was born in Needham, MA in 1951 and grew up in Manassas where he graduated for Osbourn High School. He was an outstanding wrestler in high school and at George Mason University. After graduation from GMU he went to work in the Prince William County School System as a teacher, coach and administrator.

He was recruited to play softball in western PWC in 1971 when he went to play for the Firestone team coached by Hall of Famer, Bill Brown. He played left field in those early days. Throughout his long career in the County he played on many of the very best teams at the time such as Brawursthaus House, the original Slopers, Manassas Merchants, Brown's Insurance, T&L Gators and Team Stem. He also played on some of the region's strongest tournament teams such as Capital X-Ray, Morgan and Cheves, Tribbles, Technitrucks, Parcom, Pizza Box, Spanky's, Cobras and Roofing Consultants. His tournament teams were most often seen participating in a National Tournament each year.

When he turned 50 he played on the Thomas Engineering team in the County's senior league and began playing Senior Softball tournaments on the top teams in the area; Fergies, Murphy's Law, Northern VA Force and Turn Two.

Over the years Bill has been named to over 30 All American/All World Teams and his teams have won numerous National Championships.

Bill Cameron has also been inducted in the George Mason Hall of Fame, the Central Virginia ASA Hall of Fame and the Washington DC Metro Slowpitch Softball Hall of Fame.

Denny YankeyDenny Yankey

DENNY BEGAN PLAYING softball in 1964 when just 16 years old, participating in both fast pitch and slow pitch leagues in Prince William County. He coached the Nokesville Church of the Brethren softball team for 32 years beginning in 1976 and has continued to play various positions from outfielder to second and third base as well as pitcher. Denny has also supported the Manassas Church Softball League in various leadership positions and served as President in 1979.

He grew up in the Nokesville area and married wife, Beth in 1971 and the same year began working for the local telephone company. Denny and Beth have two children and four grandchildren. After high school he served two years in the Brethern Volunteer Service and is now a Lifetime Deacon at the Nokesville Church of the Brethern. He retired from the telephone company in 2003 after 32 years on the job and works part time for the PWC School system as a bus driver for special needs children..

Over the years Denny has played on several Prince William League championship teams, and two tournament championship teams. He was selected as an All Star for the church league three times and coached in the church All Star game competition. Denny has also played with a competitive teams sponsored by local businesses including Nick's Engraving in the 1970's, and Chelsea Jo's and Thomas Engineering in the seniors. Number 14's love of the game of softball continues. "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play today."

Melvin L. "Wimpy" Zombro

Wimpy Zombro

WIMPY ZOMBRO GAINED LEGENDARY status as a senior softball player in the United States.  He was born in 1930 in West Virginia and as a youth developed into an outstanding baseball player.  His love for the game was evident when he and his sweetheart took their wedding vows at home plate before one of his Minor League games.  In his eighties he continues to enjoy the support of his family and plays senior softball all over the United States.  A longtime resident of Woodbridge, he tried slowpitch softball with the St. Paul Methodist team for the first time in 1973 while still playing baseball for the Woodbridge Senators.  His outstanding athletic ability and “diamond” skills soon caught the eye of the areas competitive men’s league and tournament teams and he played shortstop on the areas best teams most often leading his team in batting average for the season.

In 1988 Wimpy began playing senior softball in the Northern Virginia Senior Softball League where he continues today.  By 1994 he was playing on the areas best traveling tournament teams and winning National Championships. He is arguably the best second baseman in senior softball at his age classification.  Each year since he has been named to the All Tournament, All American and/or All World Teams in nearly all of the tournaments in which he has participated.  In many he lead the tournament in batting average and most likely was named MVP.  Now playing in the 80+ Division he continues to “show off” his softball playing skills.

Wimpy Zombro has been inducted in the Prince William County Softball Hall of Fame, the Washington DC Metro Softball Hall of Fame, the Central Virginia ASA Hall of Fame and the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.