Welcome to the Prince William County Softball Hall of FameNomination Requirements

1. Categories - Induction in the Prince William County Softball Hall of Fame will be based on one or more of the following criteria:

a. Players

1. Selection. To be selected for the Prince William County Softball Hall of Fame, a person must have been an active player for a minimum of 20 years or if over the age of fifty (50) been an active player in the County for a minimum of ten years. The player must have demonstrated a high level of sportsmanship and comradeship throughout his softball career.

2. Evaluation. The length of playing time is to be considered as a factor in the evaluation of candidates. Fame at the State and National level shall be used as a gauge for candidacy, however, a player must have earned the esteem of Prince William residents through years of participation in Prince William County. Factual and detailed information must be presented to the Honors Committee before a candidate can be accepted. Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings are acceptable, also letters from competent references and verification of participation is required. If possible letters should be provided from the manager of his/her former and existing team(s) and at least two from existing Hall of Fame members. To be eligible for selection to the Hall of Fame in the player category, participation at the highest divisions shall be considered. Multiple copies of the candidates nomination package in booklet form shall be provided to the Honors Committee as detailed on the nomination form.

3. Prerequisites. A player must have been a stand-out performer and been considered by his/her peers as one of the top players in the County. League and tournament averages and statistics plus number of times competing in local, State and National tournaments shall be used. Any special recognition at a tournament shall be considered, such as leading hitter, defensive leader, home run leader or MVP.

b. Managers

1. To be selected, a person must have managed 20 years for teams who participated in County leagues and won a minimum of four league championships. The person must have been active in the promotion and development of softball in Prince William County.

c. Sponsors.

1. To be selected, a sponsor must have sponsored team(s) for a minimum of 20 years, in County leagues.

d. Commissioners/Directors

1. To be selected, a person must have been a commissioner or other league official for 20 years. In additional, to qualify for this award, the nominee shall have served in some of the following areas:

a. Regional Qualifying Tournament

b. Chair or vice-chair of a national committee.

c. Host of national and/or regional tournaments.

d. Director of local tournaments and softball events.

e. Special recognition received and/or other services which greatly added to the quality of life for county residents.

e. Meritorious Service.

1. This category could include any combination of the above listed categories (a,b,c,d) also, an organizer-builder, years of service, financial contributor, etc. with a dedicated commitment to the game including participation at any level of play. Note: Players and managers who participated on teams below the top divisions of play and who have a remarkable record of local involvement and promotion of the game can be considered in this category.

f. Pioneers

1. This category is for those players over the age of 60 who have played an important role as a player and/or organizer in developing and fostering the growth of softball. These individuals are honored for their commitment to the game and their part in advancing opportunities for the athletes today.

g. Umpires

1. To be selected an umpire must have umpired for at least twenty years (or ten years if over the age of 50) in Prince William County and developed a “hall-of-fame” reputation. Selection is not based on longevity but a career of promoting and enhancing softball in the County.

2. Number to be selected. Six (6) candidates may be selected to the Hall of Fame in any one year. (The Commission may elect to modify the number of selections given the particular circumstances with the list of candidates.)

3. Deadline. Candidates must be submitted to the Honors Committee on or before September 1 of the current year

4. Nomination Forms. Nomination forms will be available from the Hall of Fame Commission Members, Adult Softball Council Members and from various league officials.

5. Evaluation of Candidates. Factual and detailed information must be presented to the Commission before a candidate can be accepted. Scrapbook information, newspaper clippings, letters from competent references and any other supporting data will be organized in booklet form for submittal to the Commission. A short bio must be included (up to one typed page.)

6. Selection. The names of the candidates for selection to the Hall of Fame shall remain confidential and released only to the Hall of Fame Commission. Voting shall be done by a written ballot. Any exception to the nomination requirements must be approved by the Commission.

A. Presentation. An announcement of the year’s selection shall be made on or about November 1 of the current year. Special stories may be sent to the local newspapers about the selectees.

B. Induction. Formal induction ceremonies and presentation of awards shall be made during an announced event (generally January of the following year). More than one induction ceremony may be held in any one year.

C. Awards. A specially designed award shall be given to those elected to the Hall of Fame. In addition, plans call for the erection of a special monument depicting the names of each new member to be prominently displayed in a County building or park.

D. Removal. The Hall of Fame Commission, by three fourths vote, may with just cause, recommend removal of an individual elected to the Hall of Fame. Such recommendations, when approved by a two thirds vote of the Adult Softball Council, shall remove said individual from the Hall of Fame.

E. PWC Hall of Fame Commission. The Commission will consist of a minimum of eleven (11) individuals to be selected from existing Hall of Fame Inductees and including one representative of the Prince William County Adult Softball Council. All correspondence to the Commission should be sent to the PWC Hall of Fame Commission, 9114 I-Beam Lane, Manassas, VA 20110.